No Titanium Dioxide in our Soap!

What is Titanium Dioxide? 

It is a white nonreactive solid which occurs naturally as the mineral rutile and is used extensively as a white pigment to whiten and brighten many products including food, personal care and beauty products, even in sunscreen as a UV filter.  I write about this one because it is also used many soaps... but deliberately not ours!

Is Titanium Dioxide safe?

There are now studies to suggest the nanoparticles lead to a non-malignant stage of carcinogenesis in animals and interfere with the immune system and cause cell damage, however such impacts remain under debate.

How is Titanium Dioxoide used in Soap? 

Titanium dioxide can be used to make soap look white, opaque and how some bright colours are achieved.   We DO NOT use titanium dioxide in of our soaps and effort has gone into ensuring our soap colours are from plant and clay powders - plus they offer nutrient properties.

It is easy to be attracted by the contrast of bright colours in products and a potential perception that the look of something white means clean.  I believe as consumers we are and continually need to be active with understanding ingredient lists, so next time you are comparing products you have extra knowledge into the choice you are making.